Empty Nesters Thrive & Survvie

5 Surefire Ways Empty Nesters Can Survive and Thrive


Parents often look forward to the day their children assert their independence and leave home, but for many parents, that anticipation is met with a surprising reality and complex challenge. Empty Nest Syndrome, a legitimate psychological phenomenon, may leave some parents with feelings of depression, guilt or an immense sense of loss.

"There's disconnect between what parents often anticipate, and the intensity of feelings that parents feel when they are left behind in an empty nest," says Dr. Ronald Mah, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Leandro, Calif. "To reinvent and adapt to a new lifestyle can be a complex transition that can overwhelm parents and lead to some mental health challenges.  One may be surprised that so much more than just time and energy is invested in the logistics of parenting children. There also can be a significant amount of one's sense of self invested in the identity of being a parent. A parent may ask, 'What am I to do... now?'  The answer for years had been 'do for the kids.'  This often leads to the next question of ''What am I... now?'"

Here are five tips to help Empty Nesters cope with this new life stage:


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