Taking care of your wood furniture


If you're looking for a good rainy-day project around the house, how about spending some time sprucing up your wood furniture? I found some good information in a recent post at designermag.org.

To make furniture cleaning easier, the post recommends you dust carefully and often using a soft cloth and using cleaning motions following the wood’s grain. Dusting at least once a week is recommended to remove tiny abrasive particles that can harm wood surfaces.

For the best cleaning solution, the designermag,org post suggests applying a mixture of non-alkaline soap and water with a sponge. Always check if the new cleaning solution damages the wood’s finish, and use a soft cloth to quickly dry the area when you're done.

And what about those pesky watermarks?

According to the post, if a watermark has a whitish color, it's possible to repair it. If the watermark has a darker color, then refinishing the area might be in order.

Use these steps to address a white water mark:

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